Did You Know That There 7 Boob Shapes?

You know the saying that you learn something new every day. Well, today I learned that there are several different boob shapes. Not only that, each boob shape requires a different style of bra. This has been life changing for me. However, the more I look at the different shapes the more I realized I am a combo.

So which boob shape are you? Do you fit more than one category?

Round Breasts
East West
Side Set
Bell Shape
Tear Drop















The Boob Shapes Explained

Round: These are the lucky ones that don’t need cups or padded bras. Their boobs are naturally round on the top and bottom.

East West: This reminds me of the two-headed monster from sesame street who would point in opposite directions, except if that two-headed monster was your nipples. A good candidate for the push-up bra.

Side Set: This is very similar to the East West but there’s a larger space between the boobs. The boobs might be fuller like the round shape but just spread apart more.

Tear Drop: Similar to round, these are full on the bottom but flat on the top. These types of boob can fit in many different bra styles.

Asymmetric: I am without a doubt asymmetric. My left boob is much bigger than my right boob. This makes it difficult to find bras that fit both cups correctly. However, experts recommend a cleave control bra where I can adjust each breast side separately. Excuse me while I go buy new bras.

Slender: These boobs are longer than they are wide. A bra with a lot of padding will make the boobs look fuller.

Bell Shape: These boobs are also longer than they are wide but are in a fuller cup size than that of slender shaped. They usually require bras that have a lot of support.