Boob Trivia Extravaganza: Weird Facts You Should Definitely Know

Men might argue that boobs are perhaps the natural world’s greatest inventions. It might not surprise you that a typical man’s knowledge of the female breast is mostly skin deep. Ask them any of these trivia questions and they’ll probably look at you with typical “who cares?” attitude. Here are the weirdest facts about boobs you might not know (but you definitely should). 

Breasts are not solid masses! There are six to nine “lobes” that make up a typical breast. Each of these lobes is made up of yet smaller “lobules,” each of which ends in a tiny bulb. Every single one of those bulbs can manufacture milk. The rest of the breast is filled with fat, muscle, lymph, and blood vessels. 

Women can obtain orgasm from nipple-based foreplay — or from breastfeeding. And no, that’s not sexual. It’s just nature at work.

Sometimes, men can produce milk when a condition called “galactorrhea” is present. 

Breasts change from the moment they develop until a person’s death (we say “person” because men have all the correct pieces to the breast puzzle as well, and can even develop breast cancer — but they don’t usually produce the right hormones to manufacture milk). Breasts can go up or down a cup size during a menstrual cycle, making it extremely difficult for women to fight the right bras. 

Belly buttons get all the attention for their diversity, but there are actually four kinds of nipples: normal, flat, puffy, and inverted. The last classification means the person’s nipples are somewhat dimpled. Awwww, adorable!

Breasts are scientifically awe-inspiring. In other words, we can’t figure out why they exist at all. We’re the only mammalian species with chests that expand even without milk production. And in fact, we don’t need as much space. 

Breast development might begin during puberty, but for some people it can take up to ten years. The most usual timeframe? Three to five years. That’s a long time for a pubescent kid trying to adapt!