Breastfeeding Complications To Look Out For

Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby and it gives your child all the nutrients that are needed to thrive. While breastfeeding is more work than feeding powdered formula, the extra time you take to breastfeed your child is going to be worth it. It can be a great experience for you and your child. It takes a while to get used to breastfeeding and many women develop complications in the beginning. Read on to learn about some of the complications that can happen when you breastfeed.

One of the most common breastfeeding problems is sore nipples. Your nipples can also start to crack. This problem tends to happen early on and it happens when your baby has trouble latching on which is very common. You can soothe your nipples with a special cream and if your baby keeps having trouble latching on you can get advice from your doctor. Sore nipples can be frustrating because you are less likely to want to keep breastfeeding if it is painful.

Another common breastfeeding problem is not producing enough milk. Make sure that you feed your baby from both breasts. Feeding your baby skin to skin can stimulate your body to make more milk. Most women produce enough milk even when they feel like they aren’t, so relax and enjoy the breastfeeding experience.

A more common problem is producing too much milk. When you produce too much milk your breasts become too full and they can feel hard and tight. You can use a breast pump to pump out the extra milk and relieve the pressure on your breasts. If your breasts stay full of milk for too long, you can end up with mastitis which is an infection of the milk ducts. Engorgement can be very painful and you want to try to avoid having this happen.

It can take a while for your baby to learn to latch on properly and while your baby is learning, you are going to feel pain. You might result with thrush which is common when your nipples crack. The thrush infection can pass to your baby and you will have to get medication to treat it. Sometimes a milk duct will become blocked. If you feel a tender small lump, you could have a blocked duct. Try to have your baby feed more on that breast to open the duct.