Can You Get Financial Assistance When Fighting Breast Cancer?

The United States remains one of the only developed nations to deny its citizens the right to healthcare paid through taxes — even though it would reduce the overall burden on the system and many of those citizens. Especially the ones who are already battling breast cancer. But the country is obsessed with business at the expense of everything else. Insurance doesn’t always cover the costs of healthcare, so how does everyone else pay for a major diagnosis?

This waiter pay infographic clearly shows that while many service professionals can make a living, they can’t necessarily pay for enormous medical bills unaided. Other professions with median pay and benefits are much the same. Even good insurance can result in victims of breast cancer paying an arm and a leg to cover costs. Some put themselves in a lifetime’s worth of debt.

Each state has its own non-profit organizations designed to help cover healthcare costs for anyone with a particular disease or major, life-threatening diagnosis. For example, the Adena Health System in Ohio is the recipient of the 2021 Breast Cancer Fund of Ohio (BFOhio) and provides financial assistance to Ohio residents who are diagnosed with breast cancer. These funds serve residents whose living needs have changed as well. 

If you would like to get involved in the fight against breast cancer, you can attend local town hall meetings to organize a drive and push awareness.

The teen organized “Pink Shabbat” recently held a fundraiser to raise breast cancer awareness and support Jewish women who have been recently diagnosed. Watkinson student Elijah Harris said he was “empowered to be able to help plan an event for such a meaningful cause. I was able to connect with other Jewish community members that I do not see all the time, which was great!”

Hall ‘22 student Kylie Gertner said, “Sharsheret makes sanctuaries, holy dwelling spaces for people affected by breast cancer, both the individuals themselves and their families. These spaces are holy because only the people who have been connected to each other through Sharsheret can fully understand the impact of the sanctuary building that Sharsheret does. By simply being here this evening, you are helping Sharsheret continue their incredible work of creating these holy spaces for those who need them, and you are helping make our JTConnect community a holy space as well.”

Kentucky organization “reSettled Life” is a licensed move management auction house that collaborated with the I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation to provide help to those who are fighting breast cancer. The foundation was conceived and created by Janet Chambers, who got the iea after she became a breast cancer survivor.

Chambers said, “We’re extremely proud to be a part of helping this wonderful organization and hope to aid them as much as possible to deliver the support needed to these families during difficult times. Being able to help a local organization that’s also women-owned as well is something we’re happy to do, and we just hope that more women and their families can be impacted and their lives made a little bit easier by this partnership.”