What Causes Breast Pain?

Whenever we feel even the slightest pain, we tend to jump to the worst case scenario immediately. Usually, there’s no case for worry. Sometimes a change in diet or environment can lead to a whole host of bodily changes as well, many of them entirely too unpleasant. One in eight U.S. women develop breast cancer, so even if it’s probably nothing, you need to be sure. These are a few common causes of breast pain. If you can’t identify with anything on this list, then it’s probably time for a visit to your health care provider.

Americans love their coffee, but unfortunately it can cause a lot of issues from diarrhea to eye tics to stress, and even–you guessed it–breast pain. According to the National Institutes of Health, there is a correlation between caffeine intake and breast pain if you have fibrocystic breast tissue. Pain can be mild to severe, but 61 percent of study subjects experienced a decrease in breast pain after eliminating caffeine products. Sadly, that includes chocolate.

If you have chronic or temporary breast pain, then it might just be that time of the month. Before and after your period, the wrong combination of hormones are raging and they can easily make you feel the hurt. Usually, you’ll experience tender or sensitive breasts and nipples during your period, and the discomfort will go away after it ends. If the pain persists, see your doctor.

One of the more obvious causes of breast pain results from a lack of proper support. If you don’t have the right kind of bra to properly support your breasts or aren’t wearing an appropriate sports bra when you engage in strenuous activity, then you may experience a great deal of pain. The more your breasts bounce, the more likely the pain becomes. In addition, lack of support can result in damage to your important organs! Oh, another thing: be careful that your bra isn’t too tight! If you think these factors could be the cause of pain, then get professionally fitted to rule it out.

Like any other part of your body that you use more than usual, you might experience breast pain if you just performed a bit of vigorous exercise you’re not accustomed to doing. If you went to the gym, did some yoga, yardwork, or anything else unusual, then don’t jump to conclusions. Your body is probably just in recovery mode. Get some rest, and wait a few days for the pain to go away.

If pain persists and you can’t identify the source of your symptoms, then it’s time to see a doctor. You may have a cyst, breast cancer, or another condition that only a doctor can successfully diagnose or treat. Even if the pain is severe, it might be nothing, but make the visit to be sure!

Here is a video detailing some of the major causes of breast pain: