Do Most Men Really Prefer Bigger Breasts?

There’s a widespread stereotype about men: they don’t just love breasts (which of course they love a lot), but they love big breasts. The bigger the better, or so the story goes. Certainly a lot of women feel that this is the case. Certainly many feel they could have larger breasts or at least wished theirs were a little perkier. But is it the truth that men prefer bigger breasts? Turns out that the truth might just be a lot more complicated than a simple yes or no answer. 

It depends on which studies you like to read.

Researchers in France conducted a study with women whose bosoms were padded to increase breast size to various degrees. Those women went into a public area. According to the research, men were far more likely to approach those with progressively bigger boobs. One point to big boobs.

Researchers in New Zealand took it to a whole new level by actually tracking the eyes of men as they passed women whose boobs were sized differently. They did it with specialized eye-tracking technology. Some men seemed more attracted to the women with smaller boobs, but more men were magnetized by the bigger breasts. Two points to big boobs!

Perhaps it’s because of these and similar studies that bra sizes have gone up on average since about 1990. More women are getting breast augmentation surgery to better adhere to the stereotype that men prefer bigger bosoms. Then again, obesity has increased quite a bit as well. We’re getting fatter.

A number of researchers from England and Malaysia decided to conduct studies by showing various men women whose breasts were of varying sizes. The men would then rate their attractiveness. It turns out that medium-sized boobs took the prize in this study. Not exactly a point to small boobs, but still: that’s one point anywhere else but big boobs.

But there’s one place where we can find a lot of the right kind of evidence — in the industry that knows best. After all, who knows what men really prefer better than those who cater to all sorts of men and their many perversions? That’s why porn makers are such a great source of specific intel. All you have to do is type in “flat-chested women” and you’ll know immediately that there’s a huge market for every bosom size.

Of course, there’s always the chance that maybe we all like to look at huge breasts. But that doesn’t necessarily mean men are automatically most romantically attracted to big boobs. Perhaps it would make more sense to conduct a study where men describe the types of attraction on which they’re rating these boobs. Certainly there’s a difference between physical, romantic, and even aesthetically pleasing appearances.