The Most Famous “Boobs” Of All Time

You probably won’t be too hard pressed to find a guy who loves boobs–but then again gender and sexuality may have nothing to do with their mysterious allure. Luckily for those of us who love them to death, it’s just as easy to find a pair of famous boobs that suffered from the TV nip slip, enjoyed the Playboy treatment, or were the subject of an erotic Hollywood movie masterpiece. Then again, it’s not always about the real-life experience. The naked form is a permanent part of popular culture in the form of famous art. So what are the most famous boobs of all time? Here are just a few of our favorite pairs!

The famous painter Botticelli graced us all with an artistic peek at the most elusive parts of Venus’s body. We’ll be forever grateful for the fantasy.

Sometimes you can’t always get what you’re after, and such is the case with Jayne Mansfield. Her cleavage was widely sought after at the time, and the dresses she wore catered to her male fans.

Take a look at Bettie Page, and you’ll be mesmerized for one reason or another. Her form offers a stark difference to the typical Hollywood fare, but it never hurt her beauty even a little bit.

Brigitte Bardot was an icon in the ‘50s because she wasn’t afraid to bare it all. Because of this rare degree of exhibitionism for the time period, she acquired a number of fans both at home and abroad, and her career in film took off quickly.

Who wouldn’t want to take a gander at the form of Wonder Woman? We’re talking about the Wonder Woman of the ‘70s during a budding era of sexuality and exposure, not today’s form. One of the first female superheroes generated a lot of buzz at the time because of her revealing costumes, and the actresses who were lucky enough to play her exposed a lot of skin as well–making her just as popular with men as she was with women.

In the 1982 movie Fast Times, Phoebe Cates did a bit of showing off, garnering her the attention of, well, everyone who enjoys the female form. She would have been only nineteen years old at the time, and she already looked pretty young in the first place. We can only imagine that she was fending off pervy old men for quite a while thereafter.

You know the name Dolly Parton, and while she’s famous for a lot of reasons, her boobs are definitely among the top few. They’re large and bouncy and much loved by a great many fans.

In stark contrast to why we love Dolly, Kate Moss proves that you don’t necessarily have to have the biggest pair to have the biggest following. She was a jaw-dropping sight on the runway, and she had men drooling for years.