New Instagram Series Published In Time For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A breast cancer diagnosis in 2020 hits much harder than it did last year or the year before that, because families are already struggling to avoid financial ruin brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. That’s part of the reasoning behind Novartis Oncology’s recent video series on IGTV, which tries to raise awareness for breast cancer patients’ needs, which have change dramatically in the last seven months.

Senior Vice President Shannon Campbell at Novartis Oncology said, “Patients are experiencing different emotions at this point in 2020 that are so different from 2019 as they’re navigating a breast cancer diagnosis. We wanted to be mindful of the differences and make sure that our resources, approach and campaign match the tone and tenor in the environment we find ourselves in now versus last year.”

The posted on Instagram alongside the hashtag #Makeyourdialoguecount in order to seek out new donations this October: “Today is #MetastaticBreastCancerAwarenessDay. This year alone, an estimated 279,100 people in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. In the comments below, share who you’re honoring today (and yes, that included honoring yourself!).”

Campbell added: “It wasn’t that many years ago that metastatic breast cancer didn’t really have a voice. The voice was about the pink ribbon movement and early breast cancer. Now, what you can see in our branded communications and in our unbranded support communications is this idea of metastatic breast cancer women as not only survivors but able to thrive.”

Novartis is known for its cutting edge treatments, which include kinase inhibitors to treat advanced breast cancer. These are drugs that block kinase enzymes, which are present in human cells to perform specific functions like signaling, division, metabolism, etc. Some kinases are present in cancer cells also, which is why blocking them can provide a beneficial treatment when nothing else works.