Newest Trend: Toothpaste To Tighten and Enhance Breasts

Yes, you read that right. You do not need a criminal lawyer Odessa. The latest beauty craze is using toothpaste to tighten and enlarge breasts.

YouTuber vlogger NaturalBeauty556 produced a video where she demonstrated over a 6 day period how by using a special blend of toothpaste, cucumber, yogurt, flour, and egg whites can help reduce sagging breasts. Just rub it all over. You can watch it below:

Another YouTuber Zonelyn TV admitted to putting toothpaste on her nipples and vasoline on the rest of her breast in order to grow her cup size. 30 days needed for maximum results.

And while we will admit that we have used toothpaste to dry out some pimples, but we have to call a spade a spade and go with this is definitely not going to work. And luckily experts agree with us.

Expert Christopher Inglefield who is currently the medical director of the London Bridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Clinic says, “The toothpaste will do little more than leave boobs smelling minty fresh” continue that this method is “pure online quackery”.

For those looking to make their breasts bigger without having to go under the knife should try a different method like exercising to increase breast muscles like pushups and chest dips coupled with eating foods and herbs that boost estrogen such as fennel.