Our Favorite Words That Contain The Word “Breast”

Our site’s tagline is “We love boobies!” but most of our content is eclectic. Sometimes we focus on the comical aspects of the human breast, while other times we focus on the serious nature of injuries, elective surgeries, and implants. Today, we’ll look at our favorite words within a word or compound words using the word “breast.” Because…there’s so much to love.

  • Breastplate. Noun. A metallic plate covering armor. You would hear about breastplates if you lived in the Middle Ages!
  • Breastbone. Noun. Synonymous with the human sternum, a bone behind the breast.
  • Breaststroke. Noun. This is a particular style of swimming. YouTube the breaststroke if you’re so interested in learning!
  • Redbreast. Noun. A synonym for the beautiful European or American robin. Redbreast is also used to describe the red-breasted snipe. Aren’t birds wonderful?
  • Breastwork. Noun. You’d be forgiven if you’d never heard this word used in a sentence. It can be used to describe defensements in castles or on the ground. These defensements are usually temporary.
  • Abreast. This is the adverbial form of the word “breast.” Abreast is usually used  to define two objects that are lined up side by side or opposite of one another, as in “they were swimming abreast.”
  • Breasted. This is the imperfect form or past participle of the word “breast.” You might own an item of clothing that uses the word breasted or it might be used to define or metaphorize another word or thought. If you are “breasted,” then it means you have a breast. Woo hoo!

Did you know there were so many words formed using the word “breast?” Neither did we. But we’ll spend the next seven-and-a-half years researching every one of them to make sure our world view is upheld. What are your favorite breast-filled words? Don’t answer that.