Pros And Cons of Breast Reduction Surgery

If you’re a big-busted woman, you’ve probably at least thought about what it would be like if you got breast reduction surgery. As much as they’re cherished in pop culture, bigger breasts can be a pain–both literal and emotional. You might be asked if they’re real, which can lead to self-image issues. It can get worse if everyone’s staring. A bigger problem is back pain. The bigger they are, the bigger the impact on your spine. Even if they’re causing problems, is breast reduction surgery the right choice for you? Here are a few of the pros and cons of breast reduction surgery.

Here’s a potential benefit to successful breast reduction: because you probably already thought long and hard about the reasons to go through with it, you’re less likely to have made a surgical mistake, and more likely to be happier when it’s done. Plastic surgery can result in some rocky outcomes, but patients who get breast reduction surgery belong to a category of people who have the highest patient satisfaction rates. Recovery can be fast, and you might be feeling perfect within three weeks.

That said, recovery can also be excruciatingly slow if something does go wrong–and with every surgery, there’s always the risk that something will. If your surgery results in infection, then you could be looking at months of healing time on top of the norm, and you probably won’t feel comfortable shopping for new clothes until you’re feeling like yourself again.

One obvious benefit of breast reduction is pain relief. If you experienced any kind of back pain because of the extra weight on your chest, it should go away. On top of that, your new pair will leave you with a more natural looking chest and a more symmetrical proportion. If you experienced difficulty when trying to exercise before your surgery, you should feel like a weight has been lifted when you try again later. The bras will be more form-fitting, and the bouncing will be greatly reduced if you’re a runner.

Although the picture you have of yourself post-surgery may be better than it was before, anticipate at least a little scarring. It’s a good idea to go over both the procedure itself and the average result when you consult with your future plastic surgeon. Be sure you know what to expect before you get the procedure done, because there’s no going back once it’s over.