The Scientific Studies Attempting To Determine Why Men Love Breasts

Biologically, most men are geared to be attracted to women — in part because of pheromones, which are natural love juices each of us gives off to attract the opposite sex. It’s Mother Nature’s way of playing Cupid. Obviously, this doesn’t always hold up under scrutiny. There’s no actual study that suggests humans are a primarily heterosexual species (or that such a thing even exists), while there’s plenty of evidence that homosexuality or, rather, a spectrum of sexuality is perfectly natural.

But all that aside, why are men so attracted to specific body parts? Women certainly don’t seem to hold the same attraction to penises, for example. It turns out that a number of studies have been devoted to fully exploring this question.

Statistically, men are more likely to like medium breasts as opposed to small or large breasts. Biologically, this seems to make the most sense. The most average set of breasts is more likely to attract the widest range of mates. 

Oddly enough, another study found that fatherhood is often connected to that aforementioned desire for larger breasts — which also might make biological sense. After all, bigger breasts are usually associated with milk. We might find milk-filled boobs more appealing because we want our kids to grow up strong!

Another study determined that men who like bigger breasts (aside from would-be fathers) were probably one of two things: one, hungry, or two, sexist. Go figure. 

One somewhat sketchy study “discovered” that men who stare at breasts are more likely to live longer (maybe because they’re happier?). A German study seemed to strengthen this argument when it found that men who stared at boobs for just ten minutes a day were more likely to have exceptional cardiovascular health. Not surprisingly, experts are very skeptical of both studies. 

Men who are wealthier prefer smaller breasts, says one study. Scientists speculated that a person’s excess wealth might be connected to a biological instinct that says “I don’t need the extra fat on my wife.”