Types of Bras

Men might have a difficult time understanding why women could want or need so many different kinds of bras–but women don’t. They each fulfill a purpose. Some are built to allow for growth, some are for utility, and some are for sexuality. That’s not all, though. This is a short guide to the types of bras that have made life easier for women everywhere since they were first invented. Oh yeah–and they’re not just for women!

Sports bras are more form-fitting, and they need to be. These bras are used by women who run or jog in order to keep their breasts cushioned and immobile. This reduces the chance of injury.

Underwire bras use strips of wire-like material to lift and support a woman’s breasts. Wire-free bras usually don’t offer the same support, but not all women need underwire bras.

When girls first begin to develop breasts, it might be necessary to fit them for a training bra since they likely won’t grow quickly enough to fit a normal cup size.

Some women have smaller breasts that don’t really require traditional brassieres. These women sometimes opt for a bandeau bra, or form-fitting piece of fabric that doesn’t offer the same support as other bras.

Nursing bras are fabricated for women who would like to feed their newborns the natural way. They provide great support, flexibility for growth, adjustable straps for easy access, and are usually made of soft material that gives your sensitive ones the cushioning they need during this rough period of time.

A mastectomy bra caters toward women who have lost breasts due to cancer, and most are custom-made and personalized for each individual woman. The mastectomy bra helps create the illusion of a full package by providing pockets to carry prostheses.

Perhaps you haven’t heard of an adhesive bra. This kind of brassiere is built for inconspicuous support. The adhesive bra affixes to your body with adhesive, and most are strapless. These are perfect for women who work in the fashion industry or just don’t want to be seen in a bra when wearing a revealing dress.

For those of you who weren’t aware, adolescent boys or men will occasionally develop breasts. The best treatment plan is reduction surgery for those whose self-image and self-esteem will inevitably suffer in the testosterone-dominated society, but some elect for a male bra. These types of bras serve a mostly mechanical purpose that differs from that of the female bra. While women wear bras for support, men wear them to flatten. Then again, many men wear various bras for crossdressing purposes.