What Is Nipple Augmentation, And Why…Just Why?

Everyone jokes about plastic surgery. There’s a particular stigma any man or woman who has elective surgery performed will experience. “Oh, you got a nose job!?” “Oh, you got your boobs done?” “Where’d your fat go? You never went on a diet!” Sometimes these surgeries are done for purely cosmetic purposes, while other times they can mean the difference between life and death. No matter the reason, the boost in self-confidence many people perceive after receiving these surgeries is palpable. 

Nipple enhancement and/or augmentation is the new craze…we think. What does it mean to have your nipples “enhanced?” 

Dr. George Gavrila sheds some light: “I’ve absolutely seen an increase in demand for nipple enhancement. The uptick seems to be twofold: Patients want enhanced sensitivity and to appear sexy in both t-shirts and evening gowns!” 

The surgery is like any other plastic surgery — it can provide benefits that exceed the cosmetic. Augmentation can be used to repair flat or inverted nipples, make them more pronounced if they’re too small, or make them less pronounced if they’re dinner plate sized. 

Dr. Gaurav Bharti says, “A simple procedure can be used to correct an inverted nipple under local anesthesia. If you want your nipples to be more youthful fat grafting or the injection of a dermal filler can be used to give more projection and fill a deflated nipple!”

Dr. Rady Rahban adds, “While nipple enhancement may mean making the nipples more pronounced, over projection of nipples can be a major source of embarrassment and anxiety for some patients. Select patients can achieve a more attractive nipple through surgical correction and reduction. It is a quick, easy, and permanent solution for nipples that project too far out!”

There you have it. There are a number of solid reasons someone might opt to receive nipple enhancement or augmentation. Speak to your local plastic surgeon for a consult if you have a big problem with your nipples!