What To Do When Your Breasts Are The Subjects Of Grievous Personal Injury

Whether you’ve been sexually assaulted by some soon-to-be-president pervert or injured because of some other idiot’s negligence, you have every right to file a personal injury claim in civil court to recoup damages. What are “damages?” The answer is simple: every single cent you’re owed for financial losses past and present or the diminishment of future productivity. Are you seeing a therapist because of this wretched incident? Good — because you can sue for the price of treatment.

The beauty of personal injury lawyers is how they do business. Let’s say a car accident leaves your breasts categorically ruined. You think no man (or woman, because we accept you for whoever you are) will ever want to look at or touch them again. You’re wrong, of course, but let’s say for the sake of argument that doctors believe repairing the damage would mean several surgeries.

You can sue for the cost of those surgeries. You can sue for the time you spend out of work. You can sue for the emotional turmoil. Everything, the whole shabang, you can sue for all of it. 

But now let’s say those costs have already left you financially ruined and on the verge of bankruptcy. You can’t afford a lawyer, right? Actually, you’re very wrong! They work on contingency, which means you don’t have to worry about paying them a dime until you win.

For example, Southern California Injury Lawyers have a “No Fee Guarantee” until they win your case. They will never ask for payment if they lose your case. And the vast majority of all personal injury firms operate the same way.

Not sure you have a case? Well, you’d be surprised how far the law extends to cover you for someone else’s mistake. Let’s say you’ve had elective surgery to enhance your breast size. Or decrease it. Like we said already, you do you. Your implants were damaged when you were in a car accident — because someone decided to turn left onto incoming traffic, and you were the lucky lottery winner that day. Will that person have to pay to fix a problem that wouldn’t have existed without that elective surgery? Of course. They cost you money. Damages are all the dollars you lost! You should fight to get them back.

Some of the onus will be on you, the victim, to achieve victory. When someone else’s negligence results in an injury, you need to keep perfect records and document everything. Start a file to collect medical bills, a treatment history, police reports (and you should always call the police after an accident), witness statements, photographical evidence, and a journal about your thoughts and feelings during the journey to recovery.

Generally speaking, most personal injury attorneys prefer to settle out of course. These are the least time-consuming cases and have the greatest chance of a positive outcome for the client, i.e. you. You might not like “settling” but it’s just a word they use to show that the matter is considered closed. Remember: you can always ask to take the matter to trial, but the chance of losing is greater.